Zeng Zhenwei

    The Position

    • Professor of Art college of Jinan university,Guangzhou,China
    • President of the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors (China)
    • President of China area of Asian Townscape Design Association
    • Member of American Landscape Designer Association

    Learning Experience

    • Studying in Japan since 1985
    • Graduate from Kyushu University in Japan, as a master degree in 1992
    • Finish the doctor degree course in Kyushu University in Japan In 2003,
    • study on environment art


    Social Experiences

    • In 1994,work in Light metals group co., LTD, Japan as a director of the development of new products
    • In 1996,set up ON DESIGN CO., JAPAN institute In Tokyo
    • In 2003,as the first design department director of the school of communication and design, Sun yat-sen university,Guangzhou, China
    • In 2007,teach in art college of jinan university,Guangzhou, China
    • In 2008,founded Original Soshini Design Organization

    The Main Giant Sculptures

    • Gate to the Future
    • Elegant
    • Friends
    • A Myriad of Birds Fly Back to Their Nests
    • Happily Play the Cod Fish
    • The Rhyme of the Wind
    • Talents from all over the World
    • Heading to the Palace
    • Romance
    • Sprout in Spring
    • Hatching pupas into Butterflies
    • Spirits